Once you have your website set up it is vital to make it appear on the first page of search engines. According to expert people predominantly visit only those websites which are located on the first page of search engines. Consequently, this increases their sales and revenues.

A good website layout is the only factor that will help you to attract visitors to your website. Find below a list of guidelines to enables your website to climb the ladder.



The Ultimate Guide to Take Your Website on The First Page of Search Engines


Avoid Plagiarism

Writing the content of your website can be challenging. As a result, most people tend to copy texts from other websites. You must at all costs avoid copying content from other websites. It is recommendable to create quality and unique content. You can check out tutorials on Youtube that will guide you to create amazing content or simply hire a content writer on websites like upwork.com and freelancer.com

Make Good Use of Keywords.

Keywords are few words that best describe your business. It is vital to include the best keyword within your content. More precisely within your titles, the first hundred words of the first paragraph, and the last hundred words of your pages.


Whenever designing a website, people mostly take random images from the internet. It is recommendable that you use unique images. Most mobile phones have good cameras nowadays therefore do not hesitate to use them. Moreover, when uploading your images do rename them appropriately and also use alt text.

Submit Your Website To Search Engines

Do not forget to create a sitemap of your website and submit the same to search engines. Google does provide the tools to make the process easy for you.

Extra Tips

Other factors to consider are using H1 and H2 tags, building backlinks, and making your website load within five seconds.