Social media is offering businesses a huge boost in terms of recognition, sales and revenues. Establishing your business on these platforms will help you to reach more customers. 

However, you need to make a good impression if you wish to use social media effectively. Below is a list that will help you to set up your company on social media.



Guidelines to Follow to Setup Your Brand on Social Media


Create Your Company Page

Firstly you need to create your corporate page. Many people make the mistake to create a personal profile instead of a business page. It is advisable to always select a business page instead of a personal profile. Using a business page will not only allow you to be more professional but you will also get access to effective tools to market your business.

Choose an Appropriate Name

Choosing the name of your business on social media can be tricky. It is recommendable to use a name that is short and can be easily remembered. If you already have a registered name that is complex you can still use a different name on social media. You can always have a brand name and a transactional name. But it is vital to mention your transactional name within the business description section.

Page Description

When setting up your page you will be prompted to include details about your brand such as location, type of business, contact details, operating hours, and website. It is advisable to fill up the maximum details. This will create trust among your future customers. Moreover do not forget to write a small paragraph briefly describing what you are offering.

Engaging Contents

For your page to be effective you need to share posts that will keep the audience engaged. Avoid plagiarism and copying images from other pages. Additionally, do share posts regularly updating your audience about your products and services.